Annie was deafening, and she reduced mental pressure, progression of ideas that distinct each sense, happy for a heart, a life, relaxed.
Emphatically, effusive, and adrenaline appreciated each end that was cold, raining he got excited, each step marks an internal movement that changes the heart rate, voiceless, beating fast enough, enough for a second hand ambidextrous playing, unity of yesterday and fun, she said, fastly to be making love. Lie, if you had, like birds, short hands, unable legs to run; fox and crow, death and crown, throw our own calamity was never the broken window's decision. I was never the one, I, are, handshake, union never shatters. Own!
Steps who care, do it better woman!, much better! I never be cheated, of you, of your dry roots. I had a heart out of chest, understanding, and my head held in my arms! Seeing, my destiny!


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  1. veintisietepalabras 14 de septiembre de 2010, 3:43

    ¿Desde cuando tienes parado esto? :O
    Que sepas que me hice un nuevo blog que el otro me lo hackearon >.< así que ahora te sigo! hahaha